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Owners of Clean Juice Opening Non-Toxic Beauty Bar Franchise in Charlotte

CJThe new concept, freecoat nails, is a non-toxic beauty bar with three Charlotte locations already in the works.

“freecoat is truly the first non-toxic experience when it comes to nails,” says Landon.

Background: The Eckles founded Clean Juice, a certified organic juice bar, in 2014 and started franchising it in 2016. Now, there are 100+ locations in 28 states nationwide with 14 in the Charlotte area.

Before acquiring and revamping the freecoat nails brand, they founded Strong in Spirit Brands, a management company for both brands, in early 2021.

“Our mission is health and wellness,” says Landon. “We’re bringing that to all the different corners of the Charlotte market.”

What does it mean for a beauty bar to be non-toxic?

“We want to provide an experience that’s truly healthy,” says Landon. Here are some of the non-toxic measures freecoat has pioneered:

  • Medical-grade filtration throughout the space
  • Jet-free Pedicure bowls (those can be a breeding ground for bacteria) that get sanitized between services
  • A vent at each station that sucks down paint fumes and breath particles
  • Non-toxic paints (including a forthcoming, in-house polish line)


“There won’t be a stench of death,” says Landon, referencing the fumes that most nail polishes give off.

COVID-19: Many of the non-toxic measures also help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Stations and nail techs will also be equipped with plexiglass shields and PPE for the time being.

How will freecoat nails be different from other beauty bars?

“We really care about that welcoming experience, so we want someone to walk in and immediately feel like it’s a warm, peaceful and sweet environment,” says Landon.

freecoat will focus on creating a spa-like environment with light-colored decor, friendly staff, and pleasant scents (instead of the chemical scent typical of other nail salons).

“We want our nail techs to build relationships with our guests,” says Landon. freecoat will offer online booking where you can even see the history of what services you’ve received + nail art via Instagram.

Landon and Kat Eckles, the husband and wife duo behind Clean Juice, are bringing their healthy approach to life and business to the Charlotte beauty scene.


Why open a non-toxic beauty bar?

Landon explained that his wife, Kat, used to get her nails done all the time, but had to stop three years ago when she realized she always left the salon with headaches that lasted for days.

“Once we open this store in Charlotte, she’ll be able to get her nails done whenever she wants. I think there’s a lot of women out there that have had that experience, and freecoat is going to solve a lot of problems for them,” says Landon.

How will membership work?

“It will be a tiered system,” says Landon, “Instead of being charged every time you come in, you’ll be charged a monthly subscription.”

Exact perks will depend on the tier, but all memberships will include unlimited services in addition to members-only perks, like infrared sauna access.

Founding members: Landon says the first 100 members at each location will get a “pretty significant” discount on membership for life.

Pro tip: freecoat is launching a limited quantity of their OG memberships on May 7-8, 2021. The first 100 guests to sign up will receive a highly discounted rate – just stop by 2901 Selwyn Ave. to check it out. OG memberships (includes unlimited manis + pedis!) will go quickly, so mark your calendars and drop your email here to get first dibs.

Where and when will freecoat open in Charlotte?

“We’ve got three coming to the Charlotte market,” says Landon. Here are the neighborhoods and expected openings:

  • Myers Park – opening in May 2021
  • Cornelius – opening in mid-May or early June 2021
  • Concord – opening in fall 2021

The Myers Park location will be corporately owned, while the next two will be franchises.

Bonus fact: Clean Juice’s flagship location (store number one) in Birkdale Village is moving across the street to Birkdale Landing in June. Yup, this is one busy family (not to mention they have five children).

Be the first to hear about freecoat memberships here and keep up with opening news on Instagram.

This content was created in partnership with freecoat nails and Clean Juice

Featured image courtesy of freecoat nails.

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